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Column: Cheney consistent in gay marriage approach

Argus Hamilton

Dick Cheney backed his daughter's gay marriage Thursday, saying Americans ought to be free to enter into any union they want. At least he's consistent in these views. For years Dick Cheney's thought that Americans should be free to enter any country they want.

An al-Qaida recruit was spotted on video in remote Eastern Kentucky Thursday. He is in the same hill country as crystal meth cookers, moonshiners, neo-Nazi skinheads and the KKK. If he can make it out alive he vows never to sleep with the Ayatollah's daughter again.

John Kerry struck a security deal with Afghanistan Friday that's contingent on a vote by tribes. We've exhausted them. Whenever the Taliban looks up and sees a U.S. plane overhead they never know if it's going to bomb them or spell out Drink Coca-Cola in the sky.

The White House hinted its willing to negotiate with Congress Tuesday to help lower lower costs of the health plans. Bipartisan agreement is possible. Under one compromise, any Democrat who earns less than sixty thousand a year qualifies for subsidies for health care and any Republican making less than sixty grand a year qualifies for golf ball stamps.

Twelve Years a Slave opened about a black carpenter who is kidnapped in New York and sold into Southern slavery. It just never ends. Already Hollywood is working on the sequel called Eight Years a Slave about President Obama and his relationship with Congress.

The Academy Award season begins with movie releases on Thanksgiving. It's a long campaign. Before the envelopes are opened on Oscar night, there are only three people who know the name of the winners--Price, Waterhouse and the night watchman at the NSA

NSA Director Keith Alexander gave assurance to the American people about the NSA data collection program Friday. He said the NSA doesn't use this information against President Obama's political opponents. That's the IRS's job and they're in a different union


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