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11/3/2012 9:59:00 PM
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Where they stand on critical issues
The Daily Courier


OBAMA: Issued directive in June that immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children be exempted from deportation and granted work permits if they apply. Took the temporary step after failing to deliver on promised immigration overhaul. Government has deported a record number of illegal immigrants under Obama.

ROMNEY: Favors U.S.-Mexico border fence, opposes education benefits to illegal immigrants. Opposes offering legal status to illegal immigrants who attend college, but would do so for those who serve in the armed forces. Would establish an immigration-status verification system for employers. Would end immigration caps for spouses and children of legal immigrants.


OBAMA: Term marked by high unemployment, a deep recession and gradual recovery. Responded to recession with an $800 billion stimulus plan. Continued implementation of Wall Street and auto industry bailouts. Proposes tax breaks for manufacturers producing domestically or repatriating jobs from abroad, and tax penalties for companies outsourcing jobs.

ROMNEY: Wants lower taxes, less regulation, balanced budget, more trade deals to spur growth. Replace jobless benefits with unemployment savings accounts. Proposes repeal of the law toughening financial industry regulations after the meltdown in that sector, and the law tightening accounting regulations in response to corporate scandals.


OBAMA: Wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and ensure they pay 30 percent of their income at minimum. Supports extending Bush-era tax cuts for everyone making under $200,000, or $250,000 for couples. But in 2010, agreed to a two-year extension of the lower rates for all. Wants to let the top two tax rates go back up to 39.6 percent and 36 percent, and raise rates on capital gains and dividends. Together with Congress, built a first-term record of significant tax cuts, some temporary.

ROMNEY: Keep Bush-era tax cuts for all incomes and drop all tax rates further, by 20 percent, bringing the top rate, for example, down to 28 percent from 35 percent and the lowest rate to 8 percent instead of 10 percent. Curtail deductions, credits and exemptions for the wealthiest. End Alternative Minimum Tax for individuals, eliminate capital gains tax for families making below $200,000 and cut corporate tax to 25 from 35 percent. Does not specify which tax breaks or programs he'd curtail to help cover costs.


OBAMA: Achieved landmark overhaul putting U.S. on path to universal coverage. Under the law, insurers will be banned from denying coverage to people with pre-existing illness, tax credits will subsidize premiums, people without work-based insurance will have access to new markets, small business gets help for offering insurance and Medicaid will expand.

ROMNEY: Promises to work for repeal of the law modeled largely after his universal health care in Massachusetts. Proposes to guarantee that people who are "continuously covered" for a certain period be protected against losing insurance if they get sick. Would expand individual tax-advantaged medical savings accounts.


OBAMA: Fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits is projected. Won approval to raise debt limit to avoid default. Calls for tackling the debt with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases.

ROMNEY: Defends bailout of financial institutions, opposed the auto bailout. Would cap federal spending at 20 percent of GDP with largely unspecified spending cuts. Favors constitutional balanced budget amendment.


OBAMA: Has not proposed a comprehensive plan to address Social Security's long-term financial problems. In 2011, proposed a new measure of inflation that would reduce annual increases in Social Security benefits.

ROMNEY: Protect the status quo for people 55 and over but, for other retirees, raise the retirement age for full benefits by one or two years. and reduce inflation increases in benefits for wealthier recipients.


OBAMA: Has not pushed for stricter gun laws as president. Previously backed stronger gun controls.

ROMNEY: Opposes stricter gun control laws. As Massachusetts governor, signed a ban on assault weapons.


OBAMA: Opposes near-term military strike on Iran but holds that option open. Chastised Israel for continuing to build housing settlements in disputed areas and pressed both sides to begin a new round of peace talks. Signed law to expand cooperation with Israel. Sought penalties against China for unfair trade but opposes branding China a currency manipulator.

ROMNEY: Appears to present a clearer U.S. military threat to Iran. Associates himself more closely with Israeli hardliners and pledges more military assistance to Israel. Branded Russia the "No. 1 geopolitical foe" of the U.S. and threatened to label China a currency manipulator in a move that could lead to broad trade sanctions.


OBAMA: Ended the Iraq war. Increased troop presence in Afghanistan, but plans to have all out by the end of 2014. Major force cuts coming as part of agreement to cut $487 billion in military spending over a decade.

ROMNEY: Agrees with 2014 end to U.S. combat in Afghanistan. Would increase strength of armed forces, including number of troops and warships, adding almost $100 billion to the Pentagon budget in 2016.


OBAMA: Approved Osama bin Laden raid. Abolished harsh interrogation techniques. Expanded use of unmanned drone strikes.

ROMNEY: No constitutional rights for foreign terrorism suspects. In 2011, his campaign said he does not consider waterboarding to be torture.


OBAMA: Ordered temporary moratorium on deep-water drilling after the BP oil spill but has pushed for more oil and gas drilling overall. Achieved increases in fuel economy standards. Achieved regulations on heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming. Spent heavily on green energy and has embraced nuclear power as a clean source.

ROMNEY: Supports opening the Atlantic and Pacific shelves to drilling, as well as Western lands, ANWR and offshore Alaska. Wants to reduce obstacles to coal, natural gas and nuclear energy development, and accelerate drilling permits in areas where exploration has been approved. Says green power has yet to become viable and the causes of climate change are unknown.


OBAMA: Has approved waivers freeing states from the most onerous requirements of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law. "Race to the Top" competition has rewarded winning states with billions of dollars for pursuing education policies Obama supports.

ROMNEY: Supported the accountability standards of No Child Left Behind law. Has said the student testing, charter school incentives and teacher evaluation standards of Obama's "Race to the Top" competition "make sense" although the federal government should have less control of education.

Sources: The Associated Press, Biography.com, Yahoo News, Isidewith.com, ABCnews.com

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Article comment by: Mary A

what so many forget is that when Obama took office this country was in the worst recession it had seen since the great depression. YES the economy was bad, YES people were losing jobs at astronomical rates....BUT, it takes years to recover from that kind of collapse, not days, not weeks, but years. History (if you care to read it) will tell you that it took almost 10 years for this country to recover. How could ANYONE who is not a partisan slave, think that our economy would be even close to back to normal?
And while I am not happy with all that Obama has done, I heard Romney brag about sending jobs to China, paying labor there $ .24 an hour (yes that IS 24 cents) housing their labor 12 to a room in barracks. Proud of himself for making so much money at the expense of the American workforce.
Does anyone in this country anymore actually check on the records of our politicians. Romney while Gov. of Mass. did NOT create jobs, in fact the state was 47th in job creation while he was gov. He did not leave the office with a surplus, but rather a defecit. Check the facts folks, read news rather than having your opinionsformed by Fox news, Msnbc, or anyother no called news forum that TELLS you how to think.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Really .

The important thing we must focus on in the aftermath of Barack Obama's re-election tomorrow night is trying to steer the country back towards unity - to realign our goals to benefit the country rather than focusing upon the goals of one singular party.
1. Revoke tax exemption to churches responsible for influencing a specific political party agenda - Institutions participating in such behavior should be considered constitutionally unsound. They have trod over the rules of non-secular institutions participating in a general election for far too long, putting thier collective status in jeopardy and overstepping their boundaries of influence based upon the ideals of the majority religious sect. We should focus on bringing these extremist institutions down a peg or three in order to make them constitutionally viable to continue doing business within America's diverse philosophical playing field in the future.
2. Media sensationalism needs to be axed and taxed - Reputable media outlets willingly found guilty of participating in willfully biased journalism by a citizens review board should be fined a 10% tax upon annual revenues and an additional $1000 per additional editorial infraction. Continued infractions will ultimately result in cancellation and revokation of sponsorship. Levies may be subject to a decrease based upon retractions.
3. Gun ownership needs to undergo stricter regulations - The current gun laws should stay in place. Every American has a right to bear arms, and freedom to concealed carry should be a part of that. If you want to purchase firearms, any non-felon citizen should be allowed to. A stringent background check and psych profile should be paramount to this process in order to weed out any undesirable elements.
4. Make renouncers accountable - Should anyone choose to leave the country due to the outcome of the election, they should be forced to renounce their citizenship. Should they choose to live here again in the future, they must go through the same citizenship requirements as any other immigrant.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Ghost of the Real Prescott Patriot

Yup, those are their official lies...my final call for you all to awaken:

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Hooty Hoo

"We are the government, and we're here to help". Why pray tell is that such a punchline?
I've got a pal who works at the VA. He swears they bought a piece of equipment and paid $30k more than YRMC paid for the same thing. And you know what? He thinks that's par for the course because "the government has deep pockets". He's worked there so long he somehow thinks it's normal for the government to waste money, it just sort of gets lost in the couch cushions. And I think he's probably right. Take the Department of Education: does anyone know what they really do? The Race to the Top is a punchline. No district wants to even play that game, it's a waste of time (and money of course). No Child Left Behind was even more of a punchline. Rename them The Race Out the Door, and Leave Every Child in the Dust.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Facts speak

obama's campaign slogan in 2008:
"Hope & Change"

obama's campaign slogan in 2012:

If we keep with statistics, the forward means backwards!!!!!!!!

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: An American

@ Dear An American, as children we all had wish lists at Christmas. As a president putting forth a wish list of a budget and actually passing one are two different things...
@ If Obama, @ Who Will: If Mr Obama is running on change, one must ask, change from what? The last four years? ....Funny stuff, kinda like the department of business he proposed, a comedian somewhere is getting tons of free material, too bad the joke leaves so few laughing..

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Elaine Murray

Why is it that Romney continues to preach his plan without divulging just what it is? Did I miss something somewhere? It seems to me that we all dealt without a plan from the Republican congress for the last four years. Our time and money was wasted while our population suffered through a horrific recession-no one was held accountable, no apologies. They did however vote themselves a raise because they believed one was due.
I do believe that President Obama although frustrated, accomplished as much as was able to with the uncooperative selfish congress he was left to work with. I am a registered Republican, which I plan to change when I go to the poles tomorrow-because I am very ashamed to be associated with these jerks. Also I live with a Morman - know the beliefs and wouldn't go there either.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Who Will Obama Blame

If re-elected, who will Obama have to blame for his lack of leadership or the deficit problems the last four years? Can't blame Bush, it's HIS problem. Hope he has the dignity to tell us about Benghazi and what really happened and YES, it's his problem, NOT Hillary's. How will he deal with acting like a president without campagining or intimidating anyone? Will he spend more time on the golf course or actually do his job?

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Next Time, I'm Voting As An Independent

NO more Democrats or Republicans will get my vote, but it's time for a third party.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: IF Obama Is Re-Elected

who will he blame for the last 4 years of a high deficit, economy, high gas and utility prices, terrorist cover-up. Can't blame Bush anymore. Will he be able to NOT campaign without withdrawal, like he's been since 2008, or will he finally do something about all the above. OR, take more vacations to Hawaii, where he owns a very expensive estate, or play more golf?

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: prescott native

It is nearly impossible to figure out what Romney stands for on any issue as he has changed his stance numerous times in the past several years and has even flip flopped on important issues within the past few months. They only thing we know for certain is that he doesn't want us to see his past tax returns, he's a mormon, he's rich and wants to assure that taxes for the rich do not increase. Have I mischaracterized anything?

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Obama Also Flip-Flops

You liberals need to go back awhile and remember how Obama was against "same-sex marriage" and then saw an oportunity to get more votes, as he did with more welfare checks to his black relatives. I wonder how he would vote if one of his own daughters got pregnant? Obama & Axelrod are both disgusting slimeballs and need to be eliminated forever from our White House.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012

I believe this country has had four years of Obamanation to see what he 's NOT done, so my vote went to Romney/Ryan. I want the Hope & Change that Obama promises, NOT lies & promises. This campaign is the diertiest and most racist since Obama took the reign in 2008, coincidence? Think NOT.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Sparky sez what?

What a productive and constructive comment Sparky. Thank you for sharing your brilliant insights.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Tongue-in-Cheek .

I'd be willing to bet EVERYONE responding to this has ALREADY voted making this OPINION PIECE irrelevant, it's a done deal by now as far as Prescott is concerned. Joe Biden is known for making a gaff a minute, while the Courier is right in there with a laugh a minute. VERY FUZZY explanations.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Couldn't you have put Mitt Romney on both sides

of every point? Afterall, he has flip flopped on every single issue.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Benghazi is a red herring

It's the Kool-Aid for the frothers. When Obama wins the election and the country continues it's ascent back into prosperity they'll always have Benghazi.

I saw a silly poll the other day that speaks volumes about the informed American voter. 15% of Ohio Republicans believe Romney was more responsible for Bin Laden's death than Obama. Any number greater than 0 on a poll like that is simply astounding, but to be honest I'm a little surprised it wasn't higher!

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Taxes and History

There is a direct correlation between tax rates and prosperity. Unfortunately for the right - it's been proven trickle down economics simply don't work. The argument of entitlements and a welfare state is ridiculous. We don't want to tax ourselves enough function as a modern state in this world. If we raised taxes comparable to other prosperous nations we could eradicate the deficit and pay for social security, medicare, health care, education, disaster relief, and even illegal wars (maybe - those are expensive). But the right has you bamboozled into thinking government only looks out for itself - yet somehow corporations in the private sector whose only purpose is to increase profits will have our best interests at heart? Instead of propping up the government as some bogeyman, realize WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. They work for us and answer to us. Unfortunately, the big money of the one 1% does a good job of brainwashing us into believing whatever they want us to believe (e.g., half of us are parasites with no ambition, drive, or motivation to improve ourselves because we can get everything we need for free from the government).

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Peace Nik

The British Economist Magazine has endorsed Obama, not without criticism, but it said he is much better than Romney. Some excerpts:
“America was in a downward economic spiral when he took over, with its banks and carmakers in deep trouble and unemployment rising at the rate of 800,000 a month. His responses – an agrgressive stimulus, bailing out General Motors and Chrysler, putting the banks through a sensible stress test and forcing them to raise capital (so that they are now in much better shape than their Euroipean peers) – helped avert a Depression.”
“Even to a newspaper with no love for big government, the fact that over 40 m people had no health coverage in a country as rich as America was a scandal. Obamacare will correct that, but Mr Obama did very little to deal with the system’s other flaw – its huge and unaffordable costs.”
..”Mr Romney wants to start with huge tax cuts (which will disporportinately favor the wealthy….Mr Romney is still in the cloud-cuckoo-land of thinking you can do it entirely through spending cuts: the Republican even rejected a ratio of ten parts spending cuts to one part tax rises. Backing business is important but getting the macroeconomics right matters far more.”
“For all of his businesslike intentions, Mr. Romney has an economic plan that works only if you don’t believe most of what he says. … For all his shortcomings, Mr. Obama has dragged America’s economy back from the brink of disaster and has made a decent fist of foreign policy. So this newspaper would stick with the devil it knows, and re-elect him.”

I Know, I know, what would a bunch of Commie Socialists know? But.....I will
readily side with our neighbor to the north, Canada and the Entire European continent in endorsing President Obama by 80%. Perhaps, being so close, "we can't see the forest for the trees!."

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Hooty Hoo

This is a Cut and Paste article if there ever was one. Right from the Rolling Stone (which do subscribe to). Lazy newpaper.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: justa thought

my question to the courier is how were you able find where Windsock Rommey stood on any issue

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Dear An American

President Obama has put forth a budget, each and every fiscal year since he took office.

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Bret daCosta

MD - No this is not what Bret daCosta is saying. It amazes me that my support for Mitt Romney offends the senses of liberals. In the last week I have been accused of voting for the "Mormon over the Black Man" twice. I have a suspicion that the real bigotry here lies in the fact that liberals can not come to the realization that relgious freedom is as important as racial equality. I am not a Mormon but I am 1/8th black. My Great Grandmother was a black woman from Jamaica. I am concerned about the (M)oral (D)ecay of our country. I hope this helps to clarify my comments. Good Day,,,

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: K J

@ M D,

So Libya isn't a cover up but the messiah won't address it until after the election? Well if by slim chance he does win this election we'll just plan on impeaching him and charging him with treason directly afterwards.
By the way, where are the photos of Mr. Wonderful watching the Libya attacks? After all, he was so pleased with himself in the situation room during the Bin Laden attack right?

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012
Article comment by: Are we really that dumb?

Harry Reid was right ! (Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations: Bloomberg)

So, how many times does the guy have to lie to you before you figure out his economic plan is a swindle?

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